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Mainstream Staffing, derived from just outside the Canadian Rockies, is a proud Canadian owned company, founded on the principals of always delivering high end labour services at a significantly reduced price. 

At Mainstream Staffing, we are committed in assisting Canadian & American companies of all sizes in near shoring labour with us here in Canada. 

Our reach is worldwide. We have clientele across the globe. Representing Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Argentina we have experience in international business. 

We live by our slogan:

“Opening A World Of Possibilities"

Our Services


At Mainstream Staffing, we are able to offer a significant reduction on your labour costs. There is no need to worry about staffing/recruiting, supervising, human resources, payroll, equipment and facility costs. Not only will this reduce your costs, we will increase your ROI.

We are not your typical staffing agency, as we do not have any setup fees nor do we require any long term commitment. 

Give us a call today to go over how we can substantially boost your bottom line.

A list of our services include;

• Engineering Services

• Accounting/Bookkeeping Services

• Architect Drafting Services (AutoCad, Revit, Sketchup, Etc)
• Inbound / Outbound Sales
• Social Media Management
• Remote Assistant

• Bookkeeping 
• Appointment Setting
• Network Administration
• Database Analysis
• Data Entry




Remote Assistant

Social media Management

The specific duties of a Remote Assistant are tailored according to your needs. Our Virtual Assistant placements are fully equipped to handle your clerical and bookkeeping duties, receptionist services and appointment scheduling.

What is a Remote Assistant? What are the benefits?

  • Virtual Assistants have become more prominent as businesses increase their use of cloud based computing for daily operations allowing employees to work from anywhere.


  • Since the Remote Assistants work offsite, we are also able to accommodate small businesses that perhaps do not possess a physical office, something which is commonplace for many small businesses.

  • A Remote Assistant from Mainstream Staffing can provide any type of administrative service required.

  • Substantial cost savings. Your are able to hire an assistant for as few or many hours as required with no long term commitments. 

  • HR/Payroll of your Assistant is handled in full by Mainstream Staffing

  • Access to all the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, accounting software and your office phone number are easily achieved remotely.


  • Remote Assistants with Mainstream Staffing typically have several years of bookkeeping, secretarial, sales, or office management experience.


Whether you believe it or not, the majority of all successful businesses  have and maintain a consistent social media presence. 

If you’re a small business owner, you understand how big of an impact social media has on building trust in your former and future client base.


Social media is a major lead generator for small businesses, yet most organizations fail to maximize their efficiency online. 

By tweaking your content strategy and optimizing your current and future social media posts you can achieve great results for your brand. 

Why should I hire Mainstream Staffing?

We at Mainstream Staffing are offering a capable team of experienced Social Media Managers, designers and any other specific duties we can do to ease your workload and provide you with more time to make more money.

  • We handle everything regarding social media; our team is experienced in the area. 

  • We take care of daily posting of content, handle your personal requests, as well as answer your received messages and comments. 

  • As a plus we also design posters, flyers, brochures and presentations on demand. 

The charges for our services are cost effective and clear. There are no additional charges. 


Social media needs to be updated daily with fresh content in order to maximize effectiveness. We can provide an expert who can handle your social media inquiries, understand your analytics and respond to your customers using your social media channels. 

Drafting Services

With a robust database of professional Engineers, Architects and Drafters, we can present to you the candidate you need for your projects or firm.

Understanding your needs allows us to match you with the right professional.

We can staff for Residential, commercial and industrial projects.


Below is a sample of some of our candidates work.

If you require full-time, part-time, or per project work, our price reflects an all-inclusive price structure, which includes HR and Payroll of the candidate. 

Please email:

or call us: 403-390-6423




Politica Servics
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liberal logo.png
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With experiencing aiding all major political parties in North America, we are able to offer Voice Broadcasting political services to assist in your campaign.


Our database and system allows us to reach nearly every homeowner in your respective district to deliver your personal message.


This allows you to let voters know where you stand on key campaign issues.

Voice Broadcasting is the most effective tool to be able to reach the vast majority of every district voter.

Contact us to let us explain how we can help deliver a winning campaign.

A list of some of our happy clients include: 

The Democratic & Republican National Committee (USA)


Liberal Party of Canada (Canada)


New Democratic Party - NDP - (Canada)


United Conservative Party - UCP (Canada)








Conservative Party of Canada - CPC (Canada)






Alberta Party - (Canada)


Members of the Green Party of Canada - (Canada)

Graphic Design



Appointment Settig

Our skilled and experienced staff demonstrate the communications skills needed to communicate and relate to all levels within a perspective client’s organization.


We develop beneficial relationships with your prospects to generate your desired results, with the ultimate goal of saving you time and money.


At Mainstream Staffing we genuinely care about the success of your business and frequently provide suggestions in order to increase your campaigns effectiveness.

Appointment Setting - Mainstream Staffing
00:00 / 00:00
Appointment Setting - Mainstream Staffing
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Appointment Setting - Mainstream Staffing
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Appointment Setting - Mainstream Staffing
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Appointment Setting - Mainstream Staffing
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Appointment Setting - Mainstream Staffing
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Interested in our services? Allow us to call you.



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